A few months ago, I had a client come to me with her engagement ring of 20 years. Several days earlier she had looked down at her finger and realized the center diamond was missing. Stones can come loose from claws over time. Those tiny pieces of metal can only hold on so long until the metal wears down and becomes brittle.  

After the sadness, she recognized the opportunity to make a new ring.  She wanted to use the remaining two smaller diamonds from the original ring and be able to wear the new ring with her wedding band. The bezel setting is a great option for active women - no claws to catch on sweaters and the stone is well protected. 


Instead of purchasing a replacement round brilliant diamond, she opted for a reddish brown rose cut diamond.  These rough cut diamonds have a lot of appeal because they are different, durable (still a diamond) and more affordable than the diamonds we are accustomed to.  They come in various colours and shapes and generally they are cut in the old fashioned rose cut style.  Most importantly, they are beautiful and one of a kind. 

The ring sits perfectly with the wedding band but can also be worn on its own.  The stones are safely set and the ring has a new life for the next twenty years and more.