Happy 2017! New year, new brand and website

2017 has arrived with some big changes. You’ll notice that I have a new website and a fresh new logo. I’m excited to share new designs with you, offer you a window into the process of jewellery making and highlight the meaning of jewellery.

My journey to this new website began over a year ago with a family trip. I was very lucky to have the chance to spend two months with my husband and my kids traveling in Costa Rica and Nicaragua last year. There is so much that traveling to a new place can offer. For our family, it was the change in pace that was so valuable. We had time to explore but we were also not in a rush. We were open to experiencing new things but also happy to just be.

When we returned from our trip, I headed back to my studio excited to get back to work. I was rested, full of energy and ready to fire it back up. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I needed to make some changes. Everything was the same in my workshop but I was craving something new. I wasn’t doubting my love of making jewellery, instead I was looking to bring fresh energy into my business.

Fortunately for me, I share the Rectory Art House with the good folks at Salt, a small local branding studio. This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded creatives in the process of finding a fresh approach to my practice. So began the process of rebranding.

There is so much that I love about my new look. I wanted my website to reflect the simple and modern aesthetic of my jewellery. I wanted to have the space to showcase how the work is made so visitors to my site develop a greater understanding of the handmade object and the process of working with me. For my new logo, I was looking for a symbol that represented not only love but the idea of connection. Connecting two people or connecting generations – this is what makes jewellery so meaningful.

This new beginning for me has reinforced why I love to create jewellery. We often honour many of life’s transitions with jewellery and I get to play a small part in your celebration of a new beginning. Jewellery tells a story about love, tradition and memory. I look forward to hearing about your story.