Breathing new life into family jewellery. Reimagined heirlooms.

An image of necklace with varying pendants beside it.

The first piece is ready to wear as a necklace. The others could eventually become a ring or a brooch.We all have jewellery in our jewellery boxes that we never wear for many different reasons. Maybe it’s a piece of jewellery that was passed down as family heirloom or maybe it’s a special piece that doesn’t fit anymore or it no longer suits your style? You can carry forward the sentiment and memory of old jewellery by transforming it into something new, beautiful, and wearable.
I’m honoured to create new pieces that merge history, memory, and materials. Here’s an example of a recent project that I loved working on.
My clients wanted to melt together a selection of their parents’ jewellery to create a custom piece for their children.
Old pieces of jewellery, ready to be melted down to create the new pieces.

The old jewellery was melted and cast into the shapes.

The idea was for each grandchild to have a keepsake that came from the combined history of the two families. They also wanted the four pieces of jewellery to connect to each other. The jewellery would be a symbol connecting families, generations, and siblings.
A drawing of the jewellery plan.A drawing of the jewellery plan.

After we agreed on the design, I carved the small circles out of wax and marked the position of the diamonds.

The discs were cut, filed, sanded and polished. Each piece was finished with a lightly brushed texture.

We worked together to design a simple and beautiful piece to be bestowed to each child. We used the circle as the main shape for each piece and as an added decorative and symbolic element the circle of diamonds is what connects the four pieces together.