Bangles are one of my most favourite pieces of jewellery to make. I think it’s mostly because I love to wear them! Bangles are the largest piece of jewellery that I create so the process is quite physical. Once the form is perfect, I see the metal as a canvas that needs to be painted or decorated. Each bangle’s markings are unique.

For thousands of years, bangles have had a very important value and meaning in many cultures around the world. I have made bangles in honour of significant milestones, birthdays or to celebrate the birth of a child. The best part is when two or more bangles jingle and jangle together and the sound becomes part of you and your daily movement.

Lengths of sterling silver wire in various shapes.

I start with lengths of sterling silver wire in various shapes.

Bent wire ends soldered together.

I bend the wire so the ends meet perfectly before I solder them together.

 Hammer and bangles being formed on a bracelet mandrel.

I use a bracelet mandrel to hammer the bangle round.

 A hand holding two almost completed bangles.

I use various tools to add textures and patterns to the bangles.

A few bangles around a woman's wrist.

Ready to adorn you.