I am very lucky to have the privilege of working with individuals and families who are looking to create pieces that commemorate loved ones and mark important milestones. Every piece of jewellery has a meaningful story to tell. 

Pictured below is one of my favourite projects from this past year- to redesign a vintage watch into nine pieces of jewellery. I love reimaging unworn pieces to bring them new life so they can be worn daily. 

Here’s what my client had to say about the redesign, ”As the lucky recipient of a few of the nine pieces that were made from this watch/bracelet I can attest to what an incredible experience it is working with Andrea on a project like this. My Mom inherited this piece from my grandmother and no one saw themselves wearing it. In the end her daughter, her granddaughters, her great-granddaughter and her grandson’s spouse each got a special,custom piece to wear and remember the incredible matriarch of our family!”


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